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Introductory Campaign For New Players! Lyrian Chronicles S

If you’ve been interested in DnD but are unable to find a campaign or are worried about jumping into a tank of players that are way more experienced than you… look no further!

I will be hosting introductory DnD 5th Edition Campaigns that are set in the Lyrian Chronicles setting, and you’re invited to join:

Welcome to the Free Trade City of Mothergreen!  A wonderful and prosperous city located right at the edge of the Lyrian Frontier.  Within this metropolis stands a guild of unique people who make their mark by hunting Miasms, beasts of omen who many fear…. but in Mothergreen they are just another resource for one to make a living.  In this spin-off series of Lyrian Chronicles, we follow the adventures of a group of Miasm Hunters known as the “Serpent Strikers”.

The game is played weekly and is a “revolving door campaign” it will only last 2-4 sessions depending on the speed of the party and ends at the campaign finale.  However… your character becomes a permanent part of the world and can be seen in future campaigns!

If you’re interested, you can check out the application process here.

New Lyrian Chronicles Campaign

We’re starting a new Lyrian Chronicles Campaign this week, Episode IV Beneath Light and Dark.  This campaign takes place in Edelweiss Village (the village from the 2nd campaign), and follows the story of the town guard when faced with an event that will change their lives forever.  The players have been chosen and the stage is set… all that’s left is to roll the dice!

A year has passed since the events of Atelier Riannon.  With Jaina missing and the realm living in ignorance, the forces of chaos have begun to make their move.  In the small frontier city of Edelweiss the story of a small group dedicated to the protection of its people begins to spin on the loom of fate.  The tale continues in the fourth campaign in the hidden war of the divine and mortal.