Lyrian Chronicles Weekly Update + Campaign Pages

Hi everyone, Shu here!

This week has been one of some intense DM’ing in Lyrian Chronicles, with both campaigns running on the same day due to scheduling conflicts.  The two currently active campaigns are reaching the end of their first arcs.  Here is a link for the campaign page of Atelier Riannon, if anyone wants to view the journal entries.

Let’s Go, Atelier Riannon! Episode 2 should be released tomorrow if editing goes well.

A quick summary of events from this week.

Holy Defense Force

The Holy Defense force’s investigation has led them to an old basilisk cave which had been retrofitted into a makeshift cultist hideout.  After quietly disposing of the guards, and with clever uses of traps, the cultists were caught in to a dead end where they encountered Niido Sentix, a priest of Heira.   A battle ensued and the group questioned Niido, discovering the possibility of a third goddess by the name of Heira.

Atelier Riannon

Following the trail of the Dark Priestess, the group discovered ancient ruins.   The ancient ruins might hold the remnants of a superweapon used in the era of the war of the goddesses.

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