Introductory Campaign For New Players! Lyrian Chronicles S

If you’ve been interested in DnD but are unable to find a campaign or are worried about jumping into a tank of players that are way more experienced than you… look no further!

I will be hosting introductory DnD 5th Edition Campaigns that are set in the Lyrian Chronicles setting, and you’re invited to join:

Welcome to the Free Trade City of Mothergreen!  A wonderful and prosperous city located right at the edge of the Lyrian Frontier.  Within this metropolis stands a guild of unique people who make their mark by hunting Miasms, beasts of omen who many fear…. but in Mothergreen they are just another resource for one to make a living.  In this spin-off series of Lyrian Chronicles, we follow the adventures of a group of Miasm Hunters known as the “Serpent Strikers”.

The game is played weekly and is a “revolving door campaign” it will only last 2-4 sessions depending on the speed of the party and ends at the campaign finale.  However… your character becomes a permanent part of the world and can be seen in future campaigns!

If you’re interested, you can check out the application process here.

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