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New Lyrian Chronicles Campaign

We’re starting a new Lyrian Chronicles Campaign this week, Episode IV Beneath Light and Dark.  This campaign takes place in Edelweiss Village (the village from the 2nd campaign), and follows the story of the town guard when faced with an event that will change their lives forever.  The players have been chosen and the stage is set… all that’s left is to roll the dice!

A year has passed since the events of Atelier Riannon.  With Jaina missing and the realm living in ignorance, the forces of chaos have begun to make their move.  In the small frontier city of Edelweiss the story of a small group dedicated to the protection of its people begins to spin on the loom of fate.  The tale continues in the fourth campaign in the hidden war of the divine and mortal.

Lyrian Chronicles ~ Let’s Go! Atelier Riannon! Episode 1 Replay

In the Free Trade City of Mothergreen, the legend of a small monster hunting shop was beginning… but a simple hunting mission leads into a journey to discover the darkness that truly lies over the horizon.  The story continues in the third campaign of the struggle between the goddesses.

Atelier Riannon is our first replay series within the “Lyrian Chronicles” setting.  Our game runs weekly on Fridays!

Here is the first episode of our replay, we will be releasing full compiled versions with art when an arc finishes, including more Game Master notes!  Available in PDF, MOBI and EPUB format

Episode 1 – Let’s Go, Atelier Riannon!  Travel to Alcyion Village!

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